Medicine Kit Box
Medicine Kit Box
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Medicine Kit Box | Spiritual Cleansing & Healing

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Our Medicine Kit Box is designed to enhance your spiritual practices by providing tools for aura cleansing, space purification, and personal meditation.

This kit is thoughtfully assembled to support your journey towards peace, health, and well-being, equipped with natural elements that harness the wisdom and spirit of traditional medicines.

Medicine Kit Box Contents

  • Smudge Sticks: A selection of Sage, Cedar, and Fresh Lavender Flowers, each chosen for their unique properties in cleansing and purifying your environment.
  • Glass Vial of Lavender Seeds: Use these in a bath, or blend with smudge sticks for enhanced aromatic effects. You can also place them directly in the shell to combine with other smudge materials.
  • Wooden Tripod Stand: A beautifully hand-carved stand that holds the abalone shell safely, protecting surfaces from heat when the shell is used for burning smudge sticks.
  • Sand: Provided to protect your abalone shell from heat damage. Ideal for extinguishing smudge sticks safely and preserving the integrity of your shell.
  • Feather: A Hawk feather included to help spread the smoke during smudging, enhancing the cleansing of spaces and individuals.
  • Stone: A versatile element for daily energy renewal. Place it by your bed, under your pillow, or carry it with you to promote self-love and maintain a calm, focused demeanor throughout the day.

Guide to Using Your Medicine Kit

  1. Self-Cleansing: Light a smudge stick and allow the smoke to envelop you, waving it gently from your face down to your legs. Consider having someone assist with smudging your back for a thorough cleanse.
  2. Space Cleansing: Start in the eastern part of your space and move clockwise, focusing on corners and doorways. Open windows to allow negative energies to escape.
  3. Meditation: Use the smudge stick during meditation to seek clarity or guidance, letting the aromatic smoke rise and open pathways to insight.
  4. Discussion Settings: Light sage during deep discussions to invite the support of spiritual energies and ancestors, fostering positivity and understanding among all participants.

Ethical Sourcing 

Abalone is considered endangered on Turtle Island. Thus, our abalone shells are sourced responsibly from New Zealand, where regulations ensure their sustainable and ethical distribution. We are committed to supporting ecological balance and urge you to consider the origins of your spiritual tools.