Smudge Spray 2oz by Sweetgrass Soap
Person holding Smudge Spray 2oz bottle by Sweetgrass Soap
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Sweetgrass Soap - Smudge Spray (2oz)

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Sacred Smudge Spray: Purify Your Space

Our Sacred Smudge Spray offers a modern twist on the traditional practice of smudging, allowing you to cleanse and refresh your environment instantly. This convenient 2oz spray is perfect for those who seek the purifying benefits of smudging without the smoke. Made from essential oils, each bottle is a blend of natural ingredients traditionally used for purification and uplifting energy.

Infused with the essence of sage, this spray is ideal for clearing your living space, office, or any area where burning sage isn't possible. Its light, refreshing scent also makes it perfect for use as a body mist to renew your spirit and calm your mind throughout the day. Embrace the sacred practice with our easy-to-use, travel-friendly Smudge Spray.


Aqua (Distilled Water), Hierochloe Odorata (Sweetgrass) Distillate, Salvia lavandulifolia (Sage Essential Oil), Cedrus atlantica (Bark) Oil (Cedar Essential Oil), Fragrance, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt)

About Sweetgrass Soap

At Sweetgrass Soap, their commitment extends beyond simply crafting exceptional skincare products. They pride themselves on honoring their roots and embodying the values that define their brand.

Each product is a celebration of tradition and a commitment to ethical practices, supporting the community and nurturing the environment. By choosing Sweetgrass Soap, you are not only caring for your space but also supporting a proud legacy of Indigenous craftsmanship, led by an Indigenous woman.